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September 6, 2015

_MG_6656 _MG_6673 _MG_6668I’m out of the water for about a week with stitches in my shoulder and abdomen. Theo and Ollie still wanted to go out so I stayed on the beach and some shot photos.


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December 16, 2014








This is Julian and his girlfriend. I know they weren’t surfing but they were skating down the street in Venice holding hands and I asked them to stand in for a quick portrait._MG_4902 _MG_4897


I started shooting these portraits a few weeks ago. It didn’t start out as a planned project but everyone seems to be responding well to the images so I’ll see where it goes. When I’m surfing with my boys, I am usually the first one out of the water and most definitely the first one dressed. I’m usually waiting around while they get out of the water and watching them struggle to get out of their wetsuits. It’s pretty funny watching them hopping up and down in the parking lot or rolling around in the backseat in various states of undress. I usually have a camera with me and there’s always some grip stuff in the trunk of my Volvo wagon so one morning I clamped this small painted backdrop to the tailgate and took a few portraits while waiting.

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November 17, 2014


veniceskate__002 veniceskate__005 veniceskate__006 veniceskate__007 veniceskate__001 veniceskate__003 veniceskate__004

This is what we do on the weekend when the water is warm and the sun is out.

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August 17, 2014



It’s mid August already. Ollie and I are padding out on the north side of the Venice Pier. It’s early morning and there’s a marine layer that unsaturates the surroundings and gives them a black and white quality. Neither of us are wearing a wetsuit, but with school starting next week there’s an implied touch of coolness in the water. The waves are small and fun. Sitting on my board, it’s easy to make sense of where I am using the pier, the shore and the horizon as landmarks. I’m locked into these physical coordinates and yet I’m floating in an ocean. I close my eyes. The Velvet Underground song “Foggy Notion” plays through my mind, the non rhyming of words and imagery making sense. Why Calamine lotion? Who is Sally May? I think about palindromes and how their crazy logic works but how life isn’t that easy. What sets me adrift is not knowing what to do as a parent. Knowing that by doing the right thing may not always be the easiest decision to make. Knowing that what someone wants is not what someone needs. I open my eyes, Ollie catches a left and I watch him from behind. I loose sight of him for an instant as the water engulfs him but he pops into sight as he makes the section. He paddles back out with a big smile on his face. He asks me if I saw him make that wave. I say, “yeah, let’s do it again!”


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