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November 26, 2008



Shhh, don’t tell anyone. I just planted an oak tree in the parkway in front of our house. It’s city property, we are only the stewards of the land. The sapling is only 5″ tall but it’s still a  act of Guerilla Gardening. The city of Santa Monica plants camphor trees on our stretch of street called “the parkway”. They also suggest grass as a ground cover- boring and an unwise use of water. I get yearly weed abatement notices from the city citing my parkway plantings encroaching on the sidewalk. The tree is so small now, it’s hard to I imagine my boys climbing it or swigging from it’s branches. I meant to plant this “mighty” oak the day after election day to symbolize change, hope and the hard work this country needs to do but you know how things pile up. So let’s just say it went into he earth the day after President Elect Obama named Hillary Clinton Secretary of State. It’s a Canyon Live or Maul Oak tree (Quercus chrysolepis) which I got from Theodore Payne Nursery, one of my favorite nurseries. It specializes in California native plants and has such a great selection of interesting plants. They also have a great selection a wildflower seeds which I’m sowing on city property as well.


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