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November 23, 2015

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There’s a surfboard amongst our quiver that doesn’t really get taken out much. It’s a custom Gordon & Smith 6′-2″ swallowtail made around 1973. It was my brothers’ board. We picked it up in La Jolla on on way to the Hawaiian Islands from Florida for a family vacation. I remember we took the board out at Wind and Sea the afternoon we left the surf shop. I was on my purple G&S which now resides in Lois’ garage on the north shore of Kauai and my brother Allan was on this board. I honestly don’t remember how we hauled those boards all over the islands back then, but I do remember Allan stepping on a sea urchin near Kona and peeing on the bottom of his foot. I’m not sure how I ended up with his board. I vaguely recall him handing it over to me the last time I saw him probably 10 years ago. It was all dinged up and I took it to Skip at Aquatech who said the board is great and belongs on a wall. Ollie took it out this morning at Bay Street. As he was walking into the water one of the other older guys who often stand on the beach looked at the G&S then  at me and said, “Nice board.” I told him a brief history while Ollie caught a small right. “Looks, like he’s got it dialed in already.” he said.

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November 13, 2015


It’s always a hoot when you can ask our nations’ poet laureate to show me their silly walk and he understands that you are talking about Monty Python. Great shoot for U.C.L.A with Juan Felipe Herrera.

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April 23, 2014

A big thanks to Jeri Heiden at Smog Design for helping me make the cover of the new book “It’s a Boy!” not look like the White Album. Inspired by my Bosch tool box, it features pictures I took when I was 8 years old, photos and trinkets from a family album my mom gave to me a few years ago, and some new work too. Debbie is showing it around NYC next week so if you want to see it she would be happy to show it to you.



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March 27, 2014

Been struggling with what life gives us and just haven’t been here. Priorities I guess you would call it. A bit of a feeling of being too spent in many ways. Debbie wanted me to make a book of new work to show in NYC at the end of April. I sat down and just couldn’t make a book of new work. That’s what websites are for.

IMG_5034I did a post a while back about a couple of photo albums my mom gave to me. These two albums were kept on a shelf in our Danish Modern hutch.  In the back of one of the albums there was an envelope containing negatives. On the outside of the envelope was my name “Teddy” written in my mom’s familiar cursive hand writing. These negatives held the results at my 1st attempt at taking pictures and created a pathway backwards in time.


The other photos in the albums mostly taken by my dad. They were (and still are) images that I grew up looking at. There were baby pictures of my brother and I, my mom, my grandparents, uncles and aunts posing and candid, holidays revealed by what food lay on the table. In the back of these albums were invitations, graduation commencements, a menu, a few letters, and other artifacts including a drawing someone did of The Grinch.  When you look at the same two albums over and over again you memorize them like the set of encyclopedias we had on our bookshelf. Over the years I would wonder if all this information became obsolete.



“It’s a Boy!” is my attempt at making some sense of this all. I’m looking for a gesture, a feel, a common link across the landscape of time and couple them with what I’m perhaps doing today. An attempt to reorder and package new pages that hopefully wont just sit on our shelf.








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February 5, 2014


Plodding through Don Delillo’s novel about Lee Harvey Oswald, getting stuck after reading a few sentences before bedtime and falling asleep. Still wondering what Libra means. Fake metal trees line the 405 show their age. Ollie riding shotgun, playing a pump up playlist before a tennis match. Cameras sending photos to lord knows who. Perfect cylinders, camouflaged trunks faded by years of exposure to the sun mimic disease and blight. Raised pillars of technology, roots of cement and sono tubes erected not by seeds but auger and crane.

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January 14, 2014


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November 4, 2013

In Miami for a job. My room overlooks Biscayne Bay. The noise on the street below is filtered by 9 floors of distance.

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August 18, 2013

We’re getting our last licks of the summer in at Bay St. School starts next week and it seems like nothing has been crossed off my to do list. I’m still in my 2 mil. top and trunks and perhaps lightly hung over, notice a slight coolness in the water- perhaps a harbinger of things to come. Time to scrape off the summer wax and put the cool water on once again. Simon gets out early and I watch him through the fog as he collects sand crabs on the shore. On the way back to the car he says, “Hey dad, there’s lots of surfers in the water with bald spots like yours.”

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August 10, 2013

Lila in the Ocean

Sleeping Grass

Lila, Hale Malapua


Brandon, Hale Malapua

Brandon, Backflip

Ollie, Hale Malepua

Leo's Feet

Gekko's Feet

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August 3, 2013

I’ve been posting less and less on this blog but more and more on Instagram. But there comes a point after I load up my photo and just before I hit the Share button that confusion about my craft starts to creep in. When Henry asks me how many followers I have and he just laughs a little and says, “Dad…” A feeling of betrayal, of being one step behind in the technology, one step beyond the picture making, of being lost with the notion of hashtags and yet remembering how to load a Hasselblad film back with my eyes closed.



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