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April 16, 2011

It’s really difficult to go out with Debbie these days. Spring break started a couple of weeks ago for Simon, Sam’s started this week, and Henry, Theo and Ollie’s starts next week. That means a month of at least one boy at home every day of the week. That means no time for Debbie and I to actually have any time to ourselves. So, with Sam having an AP study group with his English teacher downtown, Simon hanging out with Sookie, Ollie at Emile’s house followed by a hot dog and moon bounce birthday party at Kenai Jennings and with a little help from my mom and Debbie’s mom, we had about 3 hours to ourselves in downtown Los Angeles. We went to Cole’s French Dip.

The Pork Dip

Besides the fact that we got there at 10:30 and Cole’s didn’t open till 11:30 and that Debbie had to wait over a 1/2 hour for her Bloody Mary to be made, just having a few hours alone with Debbie was wonderful.

Bloody Mary with spicy pickle

Coles has been around since 1908 and claims to have invented the French dipped sandwich to cater to the older clientele with soft gums or no teeth at all. Philippe’s, a few blocks away, also lays claim to have created the French dipped sandwich, is our usual French dipped sandwich place. They are both great. Philippe’s is perhaps a bit more institutional in look, feel and taste is perhaps a bit more kid friendly and the perfect place to stop before a Dodger game.

A Rye Buck- my grown up drink

Coles pork (we get pork dips of course) dipped was perhaps a better cut then that of Phillipe’s. It had light smokey flavor and the pork was sliced nice and thin. Great bacon potato salad, so so cole slaw and a great cocktail bar. When the same Aerosmith record started playing again for a second time around I asked the waiter if it was possible to put a different record on. He said, “No problem.” and put on a different Aerosmith record.

Time to go, time to start retrieving our children from around town. We get a couple of French dipped sandwiches for the boys who are always hungry and think it’s “NO FAIR” that we got to go out to lunch.

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