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In the car this morning I heard Back on the Chain Gang on the radio. I love the way Chrissie Hynde sings those lines, “I found a picture of you…oh oh oh oh. Those were the happiest days of my life.” I’ve got boxes of pictures of Debbie mostly polaroids, mostly pregnant, some standing in to test the background, light and exposure. The Pretenders song is about getting back on your feet after a loss- loved one, of freedom who knows- maybe it’s a song about Sam Cook. Yeah, this year has been a struggle with lots of things but Debbie has held me together and without her I don’t know where we would be.




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Monday morning. We all overslept a bit. Simon had no clean underwear so he put on a bathing suit under his pants which somehow prompted Ollie to give him a wedgie. All that Debbie asked for Mother’s Day was for our kids to clean up the house a bit. That didn’t work out all too well. I grilled black cod on the BBQ and my neighbor sprayed me with a garden hose. But we did get the boys to bed (or at least sent upstairs) early enough so we could watch Game of Thrones. We are still a week behind, so no spoilers.

Last week our friend Emily, who used to work for Homeboy Industries and is where her heart still remains, asked me if I could take photos of her Homeboy girlfriends who wanted to get photos taken with their babies before they’re not babies anymore. Here’s a few images from the shoot.



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May 13, 2012

I know I’m behind in posting but it’s hard to keep up with organizing the countless things that needs organizing in life. Taking events and thoughts out of the 3rd dimension and rearranging them into the 2nd dimension requires a certain touch which is fleeting.


I’ve always loved this photo my dad took of my mom and our dog Misty. It defines a certain moment in her life and yet epitomizes the sense of timelessness that old family photos always bring to me. I’ve seen this photo so many times it’s as if I’m almost there just off frame but my actual hiding place is that little bump in her belly.

As I stumble with the correct words for wishing Debbie a Happy Mother’s Day with the same awkward flare I did a few weeks ago when wishing Debbie a Happy 50th Birthday  I always go back to the pictures which somehow say it much better than I can ever say.

I think the minute Debbie knew she was pregnant everyday became Mothers Day for her. When I think of all the beautiful boys we have brought into this world the oldest of which  is about to embark on a journey of his own I see Debbie up late at night worrying about finances and weighing the differences between different colleges: this one is a drinking school, this one parties hard on Friday and Saturday nights only, this ones student loans are deferred, this ones loans are not deferred,  basically which is the right fit. It’s a hard decision for an 18 year old kid but an even harder choice for a loving mother. With all these sleepless nights tossing and turning the only thing she ever asks me to do is for me to roll over and stop snoring.





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Mm and Msty056

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers who happen to stumble upon this post. Here’s one of my favorite photos of my Mom and our dog Misty.  I know Mother’s Day is one of the so called Hallmark Holidays but it is nice to honor all the moms out there for what they do. I think I calculated that Debbie makes about 800 lunches during the school year. Each one customized per order based on our picky eaters likes and dislikes. Between tennis lessons, piano lessons, swim lessons, cello lessons, orthodontist appointments, organizing carpooling for 3 different schools and getting up at 5:00 am to swim her multi tasking abilities are mind boggling.

Debbie on a bus with Sam and Theo somewhere on Bora Bora

This Mother’s Day the kids got up early (as they do every weekend morning) to bring Debbie toast and tea in bed, they made her cards and we gave her a Kitchen Aid mixer.




Sam hitting a forehand

I know Sam playing tennis may seem like I’m switching gears but I’m trying to tie 2 ideas together and I hope it makes sense. Sam made the finals in his last 2 USTA tennis tournaments. These were the last 2 he could play in the Boys 14 division. He turns 15 next week and has to play in the Boys 16. It seems like he’s on the courts most every afternoon or evening. Often he eats dinner before us or much later than the rest of us depending on when he hits the courts. I think I make him feel bad when I say that eating in shifts is disruptive to the flow of dinner but really, who am I kidding. Anyone who has been to our house for dinner knows what  feeding time is like around here. Sometimes I just want to scream (and I often do) at our unruly barbarians. What’s important here  (and this is where Mother Goddess Debbie has enlightened me) is applauding all the hard work he puts into his game.


Sam, Bay St.

When we surf, Sam always gets into his wetsuit first, waxes up and is usually 5 minutes ahead of me into the water. This morning at Bay Street was no different. What was different was as I was watching Sam get into the water another surfer lost his board and Sam got the loose board for him. I’ve done this countless times but what struck me was my son doing the right thing. It was just one of those moments as a parent you feel like hey, maybe you are doing the right thing.

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