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June 25, 2015


It’s that time again when some of us guys go down to the Katin Surf Shop in Huntington Beach and have Sato Hughes make us a pair of trunks. Sato has been making custom surf wear at Katin for over 60 years and there’s not a Catanzaro boy around who hasn’t had her tape measure around our waist and inseam fitting us for our baggies. This year Theo picked out navy blue with a Hawaiian print pocket and waist and I went for a basic sea foam green. It was great seeing Sato’s smile.

_MG_1802_MG_1805 _MG_1803

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November 11, 2014







No school, it’s Veterans Day. It’s a cloudy, late morning at Bay Street. Ollie and Simon are in full wetsuits but I still am in my trunks. I’m keeping track of my boys while sitting on my board in the warm water. Ollie is out next to me complaining that he keeps on falling. I tell him, ” Slow it down. These are small waves and you’re trying to do too much on them. You need to listen to the waves.” School has been like that too for him, rushing through math and english tests making silly mistakes.

_MG_3719 1



Simon is surfing the inside bobbing up and down in the white water. When I take a wave in he yells at me how many waves he’s caught while holding up the same amount with his fingers. He asks me, “How many waves have you caught?” I answer, “I’m not counting.”



His teeth are chattering and I tell him I’m going to catch one last wave. I paddle back out to Ollie who is still battling the 1′- 2′ waves with overhead aggression. I tell him Simon and I are going in but you can stay as long as you like. Simon and I shower off and go back to the car. I takes Simon forever to get his wetsuit off so I grab my camera and walk back to the sand and take a few photos of Ollie.


I think of where my boys are. Sam, in Iowa gearing up for the winter to come, Henry is at UCLA playing tennis, Theo is probably just getting up, Simon is still struggling to get his wetsuit off and Ollie is catching a wave in. That’s it- all present and accounted for. It’s a good thing.






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August 18, 2013

We’re getting our last licks of the summer in at Bay St. School starts next week and it seems like nothing has been crossed off my to do list. I’m still in my 2 mil. top and trunks and perhaps lightly hung over, notice a slight coolness in the water- perhaps a harbinger of things to come. Time to scrape off the summer wax and put the cool water on once again. Simon gets out early and I watch him through the fog as he collects sand crabs on the shore. On the way back to the car he says, “Hey dad, there’s lots of surfers in the water with bald spots like yours.”

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