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December 30, 2014

Sam, Ollie and I caught a little afternoon glass off at El Porto a couple of days after Christmas.

Tailgating001 Tailgating002 Tailgating003 Tailgating004

I started shooting these portraits a few weeks ago. It didn’t start out as a planned project but everyone seems to be responding well to the images so I’ll see where it goes. When I’m surfing with my boys, I am usually the first one out of the water and most definitely the first one dressed. I’m usually waiting around while they get out of the water and watching them struggle to get out of their wetsuits. It’s pretty funny watching them hopping up and down in the parking lot or rolling around in the backseat in various states of undress. I usually have a camera with me and there’s always some grip stuff in the trunk of my Volvo wagon so one morning I clamped this small painted backdrop to the tailgate and took a few portraits while waiting.

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March 18, 2010

Baseball season is just waiting to blossom, the temperature is rising, and it’s St. Patrick’s day already? Life skips along like a stone thrown into incoming waves. Speaking of waves and seasons, it’s gorgeous in southern California. The sun is out, it’s not too hot and it’s really clear. We are having the kind of days that as your driving to the beach with your board on top of you car you catch a glimpse of the snow capped mountains in your rear view mirror.  I guess this would work the other way around, where you could be driving to the mountains with your skis on top….. well you get the idea. It’s great.

El Porto

Debbie got back last night from the desert with Henry. Actually, she got back at 1:30 in the morning with Sam and Theo then drove back out to retrieve Henry at noon. My hat off to her for having the energy and devotion to make their week a dream come true. So, it’s me at the helm of the U.S.S Boys Farm or what ever the heck you want to call this home of ours. With Debbie away, it’s been a test of my fathering or negotiating abilities . I don’t want to be the kind of dad who has to use bribery to get his kids to do what they need to do. But sometimes… You know what I’m talking about. “Ollie, stop wiggling your loose tooth, your hands are dirty.” Actually the tooth fairy (Mommy) is out of town.

Our Mad Hatter

So it’s St Patrick’s day and Ollie wants a green hat to wear around. I take the boys to Ursala’s Costume Shop to try to grant a few Irish wishes. Now, I’ve never been in a costume store before. I didn’t realize that taking your kids into a costume store would be like taking them into a toy store.

It's not easy being green

This is the place where Sam goes every year on Halloween to pick out his costume. One year it was a bear mask, another year it was a rooster mask and this year it was a Larry from The Three Stooges mask. Actually Sam didn’t wear the Larry from The Three Stooges mask this year, he wore the rooster mask again. Anyways, Ursula, an older German lady is getting a bit nervous that I’ve unleashed my children into her store. They are running around trying on everything in sight and playing with every prop imaginable.

None of the green hats really fit Ollie, the kids are bringing stuff up to the counter and I can tell Ursala’s patience is beginning to grow thin as she rings up the items and bags them up and says, “Okay, time to go.”

One Of The Village Green People

So it’s as easy as that, “Okay, it’s time to go.” Maybe it was the way she said it? Maybe it was her German accent? We are out of there with no green hats but vampire fangs, a corn cob pipe, a Sherlock Holmes pipe, plastic hand cuffs, and skull and cross bone tattoos.

Jolly Good

It’s too hot for corned beef and cabbage. Besides, Debbie and Henry aren’t home for dinner anyways. Maybe tomorrow. It’s carne asada night. We are off to Don Felix Meat Market for 3 lbs. of flap meat and 2 bottles of Mexican Coca Cola. I know, I know it’s Coca Cola but I’m really thirsty.  The people who run this place are really nice and the food is great.

Ollie, it's not a twist off

Ollie, it's not a twist off

"Daddy, why are they wearing short pants? "Why not?"

Back home, Sam is setting the table. Ollie and Theo are on the production line for tortillas and I’m manning the grill. You can feel  a balance emerging.

The balance of masa and hands

But, it begins. “He got more than me.” Why does he get the bigger tattoo?” “It’s not fair.” The balance is slipping away. You know what? And this is the key to parenting, trying to convey to your kids that life isn’t fair and just and that balance and happiness are not attained by what you get but what you give. I try to teach this on a daily basis. I don’t know if it’s working. If anyone out there has an other suggestions, please let me know. Until then, Debbie should be home soon. I’m done. I leave you with a Doppler Effect video our little circle of life if you will .

[wpvideo TR4fjf3A]

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Do you ever get up when it’s still dark outside, think (dream) you look at the clock say it’s 2:30 in the morning only to be brought back to the reality that it’s really 6:30. Time to get up. That’s what happened this morning. You feel a little gypped. It’s day 2 with Ollie and Simon who come bounding in bed with me to snuggle and keep warm. It’s cold this morning but the sun is out and after making only 1 lunch for Ollie and packing Simon off to his friends’ Sookie’s house I got a million things to do I decide to sneak out to surf.

My Okazaki is on succulents

Speaking of cold. The water temperature has dropped a few degrees in the past week. It’s ice cream headache time. I surfed at El Porto- It was shoulder high, the wind had already shifted onshore so it was a bit blown out but it was nice being in the ocean on a sunny day. Yeah I even saw a porpoise.

Self portrait with ice cream headache

The day goes by quickly. I have decided to remove a section of our lawn and replace it with decomposed granite(DG). Now let me explain. Our grass barely classifies as a lawn. Their are bald patches  in the lawn where our boys have compressed the ground so tightly with, bikes, skateboards, toboggans, pogo sticks, wagons and other miscellaneous wheeled vehicles that not a root could penetrate downward and not a blade of grass could ever force its way towards the sun. To put it mildly, if it’s growing in our yard it had better be hardy.

Now batting, #4 Ollie

I’ve spent the past week digging out the afore mentioned grass to be replaced with DG and a few well placed stepping stones which I’ve collected from the beach. Oh yeah, I didn’t forget home plate boys. It’s swim practice for Ollie then off to pick up Simon and then Thai food at Poom Thai.

Ollie waiting patiently

Chicken Satay

I have only gotten food to go from Poom Thai. The food is real good. The decor is strange in a nice sort of way. You walk in and there are 3 giant fish tanks. These tanks are huge. There’s a pvc plumbing system running along the ceiling of the restaurant over each tank pumping fresh water in constantly. Giant aeration bells are seen and heard pumping air into each tank. The fish in these tanks are huge too. There’s something strangely perverse dining next to these lugubrious giants. There’s a small t.v. with the Laker game on- that’s cool.

Bop at Poom

Let’s see, what else? Oh yeah, there’s writing all over the walls from floor to ceiling. Things like, “Home is where the Poom is.” and how about this original, “Poom, your Pad See You Rocks!” Hanging on these walls are 2 lonely t-shirts on hangers. One is a Michael Jackson “King of Pop” shirt and the other is a Target t-shirt with the store hang tag and S,M,L decal still stuck on to the garment.

Steamed Dumplings

There’s also a large photo of Elvis Presley sitting with the King and Queen of Thailand. And finally as I’m paying our bill I notice 2 small turtles near the kitchen. I tell Ollie and Simon to take a look at them. Ollie says in his raspy voice, “Daddy they’re tortoises not turtles.” He’s right.

Simon watching Ollie watch the laundry

We get home a bit late from Poom, get washed and watch 101 Dalmatians. I had never seen this film before. We all loved it. It’s getting late again. Time for bed.

Simon, dreaming he was a Lego

Ollie, wishing he can read

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