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January 21, 2016

_MG_0543Those of you who follow this blog know I mainly use it as a vehicle to muse about existence and rarely use it to promote myself. But, just found out that one of our promo pieces was chosen as one of the Best of 2015 by A Photo Editor. You probably know that Rob Haggart gets a ton of promo pieces every day and feel pretty honored. You might notice the new  Ted Catanzaro 2016 imitation wood grain calendar strategically placed in a blatant attempt at some shameless promotion and the large number of hashtags I’ve added that is supposed to reach a larger audience. AND if you act now, you might be able to get one to adorn your desktop throughout the year!


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February 5, 2015

_MG_7411 _MG_7251 _MG_7290 _MG_7316 _MG_7406

I dream of Mars then Mexico. A screenwriter turned taxi driver. In this dream I’m playing pinball, the flippers not responding to my fingers and metal balls pile up like mercury at the bottom of the machine. Next to me, there’s a open packet of Chicklets and I’m shoving the little pieces of gum into my mouth. I can almost taste them.

Kurosawa said,” Man is a genius when he is dreaming.” What about our living dreams- our desires? Concocted, schemed and brewed in the complex factory of the mind and given birth and brought to life in the real world.

Day dreams seep from our unconscience and merge with a reality that often seems unbelievable.

I wake up. My right arm is still asleep. It’s tingling and it feels heavier then it really is. I move my fingers to bring them back from Mars and Mexico.


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January 15, 2015






It’s Sam’s last day before he heads back to college. He asks me if I want to catch glass off with him in the afternoon. I tell him sure, but let’s wait until Ollie gets home from school. The last few days have been strange. Sam hanging around the house reading, visiting high school friends and looking for internships for the summer. Henry doesn’t understand why he doesn’t just create an App.

Sam is ready to go back. In a sense, he has a new life- a new home in the midwest. It probably feels natural to him. For us, it’s a bit more abrupt like a time lapse. It’s our new life with a boy who has matured into a young man.

Ollie, Sam and I pile into the Volvo and drive as far west as we can go. We paddle out and cut each other off with big smiles on our faces. Ollie is fearless in the water Sam always slow and steady.

From the beach were are nothing but silhouettes as the sun is setting. There’s a lull, and we find ourselves sitting in a a small tight circle on boards made of foam and resin. I’m nearly in tears- I just can’t contain the stuff life is made of as I paddle for my wave in.

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February 26, 2014


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July 19, 2013

Sort of a strange trip I’ve been on. Shooting a holiday catalog in the snow on Mt. Hood, coming home for one night to have a steak burger with cheese with Henry at The Apple Pan and leaving the next morning for Kauai to meet Debbie and the boys at Hale Malapua on the north shore. I felt more like reading then writing but I took some nice pictures. It was really nice to be back on the island.

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October 10, 2011

Fireing a pasilla pepper

Studying and Rescuing

Moring coffees

La Pavoni


More coffee

Ocean and no coffee

No coffee, tea


Smoked chickens

Tomato season is over

Day is done

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Debbie jumps out of bed at 7:00 saying, “Oh shit, I forgot to sign Simon up for swim class!” Ollie and Simon are crawling all over me, keeping me in bed, making fun of my bald spot, gray facial hair, weird things in my ears and wrinkly neck. I escape out of bed and think about coffee and take inventory of the little aches and pains that I assuaged (read that word in “To Kill a Mockingbird” this morning) while surfing 2 reef breaks yesterday. One left, one right I guess it sort of balanced things out. One was a jump or a small dip off off lava rocks into the blue water and the other was a 1/2 mile paddle. A couple of scratches here and there and my shoulders feel sore but a good sore.

Ollie fishing

Simon going to the circus

Ollie and my old G&S walking to the beach

Debbie near the end of the road near the end of the day

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August 1, 2011

It takes about a week to settle down, carve out, shape what each of us want and need on our vacation. The want to do everything battles with the need to do nothing and somewhere in the middle a certain peace is found.

The 1st loaf of bread I made needed a little adjusting more salt and yeast but I’m on the right track. We’ve found ahi for $5.00 per pound so fresh fish is within our budget. There isn’t a second that goes by that one of our boys isn’t foraging for snacks in the pantry.

Word has it there’s a small swell coming. Sam just rode the bike to Tunnels to check out the break with binoculars. It’s a 1/2 mile paddle out to the the break so hopefully this old frame of mine can get it together to to make the voyage.

Here’s an email Debbie received from a friend.

your package arrived and the sarong is lovely and the soap smells delicious. oh, and I also like the large (very alive) beetle that crawled out of the basket onto the table. I decided to take him outside, where he sadly died in the sun.


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August 10, 2010

Sometimes the last 15 minutes of the day are the best

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March 12, 2010

Simon Enjoying His Ice Cream

Ollie Really Enjoying His Ice Cream

Debbie is in Palm Springs with Sam, Henry and Theo. For the 3rd year in a row Sam and Henry are ball kids (formerly known as ball boys) at The BNP Paribas Tennis Open. I’m Hanging out with Simon and Ollie. Apparently Theo got autographs from Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal and Andy Murray.  After school today watched some construction workers put a new roof on a house then we went for ice cream and romped at the beach. It was a beautiful day. No clouds. The temperature hovered around 70. You might say this was day #1 with Ollie and Simon.

Ice cream and the beach. What’s not to like. I got to go do the dishes, do some laundry, take the trash out, clean the kitchen because before you know it, it’s Day #2 with Ollie and Simon.

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