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March 30, 2016



Still sailing on this sea of photography. Rebranding from Ted & Debbie to Ted is taking a lot longer then I thought. Going through an “old” list from 2014 of contacts to send a new promo to and realizing that 1/3 of these people are now photographers themselves. Welcome, and good luck.


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January 2, 2016


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December 16, 2014








This is Julian and his girlfriend. I know they weren’t surfing but they were skating down the street in Venice holding hands and I asked them to stand in for a quick portrait._MG_4902 _MG_4897


I started shooting these portraits a few weeks ago. It didn’t start out as a planned project but everyone seems to be responding well to the images so I’ll see where it goes. When I’m surfing with my boys, I am usually the first one out of the water and most definitely the first one dressed. I’m usually waiting around while they get out of the water and watching them struggle to get out of their wetsuits. It’s pretty funny watching them hopping up and down in the parking lot or rolling around in the backseat in various states of undress. I usually have a camera with me and there’s always some grip stuff in the trunk of my Volvo wagon so one morning I clamped this small painted backdrop to the tailgate and took a few portraits while waiting.

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November 18, 2014




Summer stopped a few weeks ago when the Giants won the World Series and the republicans took control of Congress. The sweet smell of night blooming jasmine is locked away, buried underground. What remains is just an ordinary green plant.IMG_3068

Sam was home from fall break. We got to meet his girlfriend Yishi. They seem happy together. She and Sam are only a couple of years younger of when Debbie and I were when we first met. It was nice to have a full house again.



The oak tree I planted as a sapling in the parkway in front of our house to commemorate the election of President Obama now rests in a brown bonsai pot in the corner of the yard. Years have gone by and I’ve come to realize that my idea of my kids climbing this tree isn’t going to happen. I’ve taken care of it by pruning and fertilizing but it just doesn’t seem to want to grow. In fact, it seems smaller now then when first plated it.



The Obama sticker I got when I donated money to his first campaign is still sticking on the back window of my Volvo. It’s faded to an empty blank rectangle looking like The White Album. Not a trace of the words (I forget what they were) “Hope” or “Yes We Can!” remain.


This is the 3rd posting I’ve done in the life of the little Maul Oak tree “Plantings” series. Here’s a link to the 1st one and the 2nd one.


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May 28, 2014


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May 5, 2014


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April 23, 2014

A big thanks to Jeri Heiden at Smog Design for helping me make the cover of the new book “It’s a Boy!” not look like the White Album. Inspired by my Bosch tool box, it features pictures I took when I was 8 years old, photos and trinkets from a family album my mom gave to me a few years ago, and some new work too. Debbie is showing it around NYC next week so if you want to see it she would be happy to show it to you.



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April 21, 2014


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April 14, 2014


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April 4, 2014


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