self portrait


This is my favorite photograph of my dad who was killed in a traffic accident on July 11, 2016. It was taken into a bathroom mirror in the back bedroom of my grandparents house on Bayview Drive in Ft. Lauderdale. Just gazing at this photograph sends clues to me about the exact hue of the blue tiles and wallpaper, the camera that he is holding that he gave me, and the dock on the canal out the back window where barnacles and catfish still inhabit. Over to my dad’s right was a sliding frosted shower glass door with a flamingo etched into it, a crack running through it allegedly caused by a hurricane a few years before.

This photograph is dear to me and captures a moment not only in his life but in mine as well. His half smile expression, one of calculation and framing, his hands with wedding ring slowly pressing the  shutter, I imagine my brother and I playing in the pool twenty five feet behind him.


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