There’s a wonderful scene (spoiler alert) at the end of The Big Night where Segondo cooks an egg and shares it with his brother Primo. The shear simplicity of this meal symbolizes the extreme contrast to the over the top crazy details and hedonistic attention that goes into the preparation of the “Timpano” which is supposed to be served to Louis Prima. It talks about excess, honesty, what it means to be at peace with yourself and how you will always be connected with your family.


Yesterday, while not getting very far trying to decide where to go to lunch with Sam before we flew back home to Los Angeles (your choices of places to eat in Grinnell on a Sunday afternoon are pretty limited) Sam said, “Why don’t I make you an omelette.” There’s something great about your son cooking for you and something even greater watching him put together a simple meal with ingredients on hand and pulling spices from his well appointed spice rack from his kitchen on High Street. What a great omelette, what a great boy.

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