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It’s Sam’s last day before he heads back to college. He asks me if I want to catch glass off with him in the afternoon. I tell him sure, but let’s wait until Ollie gets home from school. The last few days have been strange. Sam hanging around the house reading, visiting high school friends and looking for internships for the summer. Henry doesn’t understand why he doesn’t just create an App.

Sam is ready to go back. In a sense, he has a new life- a new home in the midwest. It probably feels natural to him. For us, it’s a bit more abrupt like a time lapse. It’s our new life with a boy who has matured into a young man.

Ollie, Sam and I pile into the Volvo and drive as far west as we can go. We paddle out and cut each other off with big smiles on our faces. Ollie is fearless in the water Sam always slow and steady.

From the beach were are nothing but silhouettes as the sun is setting. There’s a lull, and we find ourselves sitting in a a small tight circle on boards made of foam and resin. I’m nearly in tears- I just can’t contain the stuff life is made of as I paddle for my wave in.

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