Christmas Morning










December 26- Boxing Day- We got to sleep in till 8:15 after being up till 3:00 am on Christmas eve and woken up at 5:45 Christmas morning. Apparently, Ollie was up at 4:30 but kindly waited till the sun came up till go downstairs. Today, a bit groggy from cocktails, Korean hot- wings, crab, peach cobbler, surfing and sparking wines from Europe and South America, Debbie asks if anyone objects if she starts taking down the decorations on the tree. “It’s a fire hazard!” and she’s also trying to make room for one of Sams’ college friends who might be staying with us for a few days. As I’m unwinding the labyrinth of lights I gently hint that it might be a good idea to get our holiday cards mailed before we dispose of the tree. I leave our tree flanked by Saint Monica’s Church and an avid homeless encampment in a city park. There’s one other tree there before ours which a woman is asking me to help her place IN the trunk of her Jaguar. She explains to me something about the Greek Orthodox but I just help her with the tree and wish her a Merry Christmas.



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