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Summer stopped a few weeks ago when the Giants won the World Series and the republicans took control of Congress. The sweet smell of night blooming jasmine is locked away, buried underground. What remains is just an ordinary green plant.IMG_3068

Sam was home from fall break. We got to meet his girlfriend Yishi. They seem happy together. She and Sam are only a couple of years younger of when Debbie and I were when we first met. It was nice to have a full house again.



The oak tree I planted as a sapling in the parkway in front of our house to commemorate the election of President Obama now rests in a brown bonsai pot in the corner of the yard. Years have gone by and I’ve come to realize that my idea of my kids climbing this tree isn’t going to happen. I’ve taken care of it by pruning and fertilizing but it just doesn’t seem to want to grow. In fact, it seems smaller now then when first plated it.



The Obama sticker I got when I donated money to his first campaign is still sticking on the back window of my Volvo. It’s faded to an empty blank rectangle looking like The White Album. Not a trace of the words (I forget what they were) “Hope” or “Yes We Can!” remain.


This is the 3rd posting I’ve done in the life of the little Maul Oak tree “Plantings” series. Here’s a link to the 1st one and the 2nd one.


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