The Holidays (part 1 Advent)

There’s no stopping it. The Christmas books have been taken out of the upstairs closet. Apparently The Grinch couldn’t stop it, the 80 degree temperatures of last week couldn’t thwart it. So, we just let it happen. With the coming of December 1st. the Advent calendar is brought up from the basement, the floodgates are slowly opened and the holidays begin.

Advent Day#1

Everyday Debbie puts a different treat into the tiny little holes in the wooden advent calendar I made while listening to the 2000 election results on the radio in my workshop. Since the holes are so small the advent experience has morphed into clues being placed into the holes which leads our boys on a mad search around the house reminiscent of an angry mob storming Frankensteins castle.

A Hole in One

The Search Begins

Sometimes (almost ecery day) we get a up a little bit on the late side so the Advent experience sometimes waits till after the boys get home from school.


Ollie Looking Ahead

A weekend Advent hunt turned up a gingerbread house kit. They went right to work consuming rather than constructing the stale panels, icing and candy.

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