After Dinner Drink

Lightning Storm in the Eastern Sky

I’m sitting in The Rams Head Pub at The Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood. I’m just half way through a beer. The light drizzle which started a little while ago has stopped. Dinner is over . We are talking. I look out the window and see the sun just starting to emerge from the clouds before setting. I say, “Excuse me ,I think the mountain is just about to light up.” I run out to the trail with my camera  and take in the last of the day.

Where there was once lightning

a wildflower

The Mountain

Escape pod

Finishing up





I walk back to the lodge with another guy with a camera around his neck and I say to him, “Pretty nice.” I told him left my beer to see the sunset. He said he left his dinner half eaten. I go back to the pub and someone says, “Hey, we saved your beer.” I say, “Thanks.” I bring my glass back to my room. It’s a little warm (the beer) so I open my window and put it on the sill to cool while I listen to the wind in the dark.

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